Things to do

December 29, 2015

Explore Buga by yourself and admire the colonial architecture of the historic downtown, or walk to Parque Vergel where you can exercise outdoors, play soccer or chess on a giant chessboard, skate or run, and then walk up to El Derrumbado where you can enjoy the view of the city from atop. You can also climb a “chiva” (a form of local bus transport) all the way to Alaska and then hike up to the Cascada Los Milagros.

Or, you may hire our energetic tour guide Gustavo. He’ll lead you to a local canyon so you can climb it all the way to the beautiful cascades, or take you to Los Pitingos, or walk with you through the historic downtown and tell you about the history of Buga.

To arrange a tour call or what’s aqq +57 315 554 5826 or go to

Laguna Sonso
Laguna Sonso is just outside of Buga, it is one of the main bird protection and watching areas in Colombia. Walk to a lookout tower -water level permitting- or hire a local fisherman to take you around in a canoe or a small motorboat.
San Cipriano Buga Colombia
A small village in the subtropical forest on the Pacific Coast, the true adventure here is getting to it. From the main road, a wooden cart powered by a motocycle called a Brujita is driven for 4 miles (7 km) into the jungle to San Cipriano village. There are six crystal clear lagoons and two waterfalls. It is possible to rent a tube and float down the river back into town.
Holy Ale Cafe Microbrewery Buga Colombia
Only a short, 30 minute walk from the hostel, El Derrumbado is a great place to enjoy the beautiful view of the city of Buga. A great place to go for a run and to enjoy the sunset.
Bosques de Yotoco
Reserva natural de Yotoco, en route to Lago Calima, is home to three species of monkeys -including a large family of Howlers, poison dart frogs, and a variety of other species taking sanctuary in this undisturbed part of the rainforest. Only 30 mins from Buga, this a great day trip for those who enjoy nature. Camping and dormitory accomodations are available.

Lago Calima

Lago Calima (near Darien) is situated just an hour away from Buga and is a favorite vacation spot for the locals of the Valley. It is gaining international attention as an excellent place for water sports due to its consistent, year-round, strong winds. Spend a day enjoying the scenery and mild climate, visit the archeological museum, or stick around and take some lessons at one of the various water sports schools.