The Water Blessing Company

April 6, 2017


Here at The Water Blessing Company we produce craft-beer using only high quality ingredients. Each ingredient is important in the creation of a great beer, but what makes ours divine is: local holy water.

India Pale Ale  6°

India Pale Ale is a type of beer that originates from the United Kingdom, characterized by its strong bitter taste and its level of alcohol, which is offset by the sweetness of the grains and the special malts. This makes for a perfectly balanced beer, intense and delicious in taste, one which remains imprinted in your memory.

Roja  5°

A variety of malts gives this beer a striking reddish tone. The process of carbonation explains the characteristic quantity of bubbles. The flavor will make one appreciate the pure form of the malts, and through the hops one becomes aware of the harmonious combination of delicious bitterness and floral aroma.

Negra  6°

Our Negra is a type of Stout comparable to that of Guinness or Murphy’s from Ireland that have a distinctive sweetness coming from a chocolate­caramel flavor. This beer is characterized by a strong body, a durable head, and a low level of carbonation. The dark color and special taste make this a beer worth trying.

Hefeweizen  6°

Most traditional German style light beer. Elaborated with 60% wheat.

Summer Ale  5°

This pale beer is produced from a variety of clear malts and the hop plant adds a slight bitter taste to it. It comes with a lot of bubbles and white­colored foam. This one is delicious from beginning to end.

Ginger & Honey  8°

With the flavors of ginger and honey, this is one of our special beers, with the highest alcohol content of them all. This results in a beer with character, and a great taste, one that emphasizes the bitterness of the hops and the sweetness of the malts and the honey.

Jamaica  8°

Jamaica is pink, and has a high alcohol content. This beer is an elaborate product that combines the taste of the ‘flower of Jamaica’ (roselle) with honey, which results in a tropical taste. With a medium body and little foam, this beer is ideally consumed in moderate temperatures to emphasize its sweet taste.

Mango  6°

Our most refreshing beer, made with mango and a touch of cilantro which adds a herbal aroma to the taste, is pale of color and has a small layer of foam. Mango is recommended for those excited by the prospect of tasting tropical fruits and herbs in a delightful beer.

Pumpkin  9°

A temporary beer for the latter part of the year. With pumpkin as the prime ingredient, this beer is bound to evoke all the festivities that come with Halloween. The special taste and excellent sweetness make this beer an excellent choice up to Christmas.


Saison  7°

A special edition, named after the french word for ‘temporary’, this beer is Belgian of origin. Produced in the colder months to be enjoyed in the warmer ones, this beer is cloudy-golden of color, and has a fruity taste with a hint of pepper. It is bottled in dark glass to protect it from the sun, to prevent oxidation and preserve the sublime taste.

Imperial Brown Ale  9°

This special edition matures in an oakwood barrel of whisky for a much longer period of time than the other beers, and is bottled in dark glass to protect it from the sun, so that oxidation is prevented and the sublime taste is preserved. This beer is produced with a high quantity of malts.

For pricing, availability, and any other information about our products contact our sales department at (302) 439-0479